New York City is awash with a sense of purpose in 1941, in the days following the U.S.'s involvement in WWII. Emotions are heightened, and everyone wants to do something meaningful. Claire Shipley stumbles upon the greatest story of her career when she is assigned to take pictures of the scientists at the Rockefeller Institute who are working against time to develop life-saving antibiotics. Little does she know that the assignment will involve blackmail, espionage, and murder.

A Fierce Radiance is at once a thriller, a love story, a family saga, and a window into American history, evoking the pure essence of war-time New York. It portrays the tumultuous early days of World War II, when many feared that America would lose the war, when even children were caught up in the sacrifices demanded by the nation's mobilization, and when individuals clung fiercely to their loved ones, because no one could predict what tomorrow would bring.

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The Washington Post has named A Fierce Radiance to their list of the Best Novels of 2010

Lauren Belfer
Photo: Sigrid Estrada

Lauren Belfer grew up in Buffalo, New York, the setting of her acclaimed debut novel City of Light (The Dial Press 1999). Since its publication the book has earned praise from critics around the country...

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